Foot massage, foot reflexology

Foot massage

In Hungary two types of foot massage service exist: the refreshing foot massage that helps improving one’s general condition, and reflex-zone massage (therapy) – also known as reflexology – which is a form of foot massage applied for medical purposes. Here, in Hungary, the latter can be practiced only by healers who possess an official reflexologist’s qualification.

The impacts of the foot massage

By stimulating the terminal nerves located on the foot, the foot massage has an impact on the nervous system by increasing the production of endorphin hormones that are 5–10 times stronger than morphine, and it may decrease the body’s aches by targeted stimulation of the respective zones; finally the blood circulation can also be influenced by foot massage, which will cause the efficiency of the detoxicative progresses of the body to increase.

As a consequence of the foot massage’s effect on the lymphatic system, the immune functions will improve, and stimulating the endocrine glands will help their activities: in case of poor functioning it irritates, whereas in case of over-function it decreases the quantity of chemicals proceeding into the blood from it. The relaxational massage program creates a relaxed condition while increasing the stress endurance of the organ. As a consequence of the changes in the organ initiated by the foot massage, the color of urine and excrement may change, a big quantity of discharge may evacuate from the nose, and various phenomena of illnesses might be observed. Too strong reactions from the organ can be moderated by decreasing the intensity of the treatment.

When foot massage is prohibited…

Massaging the foot is not allowed in case of the following alternations:

deep-venous thrombosis
acute phlebitis
shin ulcer
extensive fungus
open wound
broken leg
infectious diseases
sexual diseases
ray- and chemotherapy
3-6 weeks after an operation
high fever

There are other conditions when foot massage is not recommended, except when it is done by a professional reflexologist:

being drugged or alcohol-taken
Syncumar intake
within two hours after medical treatment
within the first hour after eating
dialisystumorous diseases


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